Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fill Your Soul with "Batman Begins"

When is the last time you watched something that opened your heart and filled you with pure joy?  That was the feeling I had after watching the charming documentary, "Batkid Begins," in Kendall Square this weekend.  It tells the story of five-year old Miles Scott, suffering from leukemia, who, with help from the Make a Wish Foundation and numerous other volunteers, gets to be "Batkid" for a day.  San Francisco is the setting for Gotham City by the Bay.  This wonderful 90-minute feature depicts how it all came together from a simple idea that grew and grew, with outpouring support from thousands of strangers.  In our jaded world where it often seems that everyone is out for something, this was an extremely pleasant change of pace.

The movie restored my faith in humanity.  People just wanted to be a part of this fantastic event and were not seeking anything in return.  Miles got to be Batman's sidekick, save a damsel in distress, and foil the Riddler and the Penguin along the way.  And although it may sound like a sad flick, that is not the case.  Sure, it may bring a few tears to your eyes -- but they will be tears of joy.  You can watch the movie with your guard down and fill your soul with what we all hope mankind can and should be.

After the movie, you will want to volunteer for a cause, donate to those in need, and/or come up with a crazy idea that can turn into something truly wonderful to help others.  If there is only one movie you see this year, make it "Batman Begins!"  I only wish the theater was as full as my heart was after the movie -- so please spread the word so others can appreciate this wonderful, unique experience, too!

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